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Scott Owens
Modesto, CA     USA

Chuck, I'm Virginia Gwaltney's (Gillespie) son. I sent the information for the web sight to Steve Owens and he said you would send me a password for the sight. Can you help, so I can see what I'm missing Scott

Peggy Gillespie    Toledo, OH     USA
Hi Uncle Chuck, I'm at a friends house and just had a few minutes to see if I could get on here. I'll send you some more information on my kids when I have more time. You've done a great job and I'm looking forward to spending more time on here when I get time.Talk to you soon Love and miss you P.S. Tell Aunt Mimi I said hi and give her a hug for me.

Angelika Gillespie
Brockway, Pa     US

HI Chuck Everything looks great. Remember Brian is married to Tatjana not Kevin.. When will we see Pics of everybody? I will keep on checking. Angelika Gillespie

Sara Grady
St Paul, MN     USA

Chuck; It was nice to talk to you and hear about history that I knew nothing about. The website looks great! I am sure I will spend hours surfing. Keep up the good work! Sara,

Harry Ryan Lee Gillespie
Anderson, In     US

Hello family I cant believe how long I have been waiting to see all of this Chuck and everyone has done a real good job.My grandfather is Harry Lee Gillespie also from Anderson I hope to Here from family members.Love to all!

Pete Gillespie
houston, tx     77064

Dad, You need to add my wife and stepchild to the mix. Keep on keepin on!!! Pete

Pete Gillespie
Houston, TX     77090

Website look great. Lots of hard work put in here. Keep up the good work Pete

Nathalie Fuller
Houston, Tx     USA

I really love the work you have done on the family web-site. It is really informative. We are looking forward to seeing more.

Alan & Nathalie Fuller
Houston, Tx     USA

Looks like you have been pretty busy Dad! Looks great, keep up the good work.

Angelika Gillespie   kmvg@penn,com
Brockway, Pa     US

Great Job Chuck. Keep up the good work.

Melissa A. Hux
LaMarque, TX     U.S.

Hello all, just wanted to tell you hi. Thank you Mimi for the pictures they turned out great. Well I have to get to bed. I like your web-site it looks really nice. Bye, see ya'll soon. Love, Melissa, Destinie, and Zachary!!!

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